"Nothing is impossible, 
the word itself says 'I'm possible'! "

hi! I'm Jess

i love,

just meh about...

- Turquoise... obviously

- Disney! (And yes- I loveeee photo sessions there) 

- Dogs! I have two - Jersey & Little Man. Bonus points if you include them in our session!

- Cupcakes, Fireworks, Architecture, Crazy Socks & Dancing... Just to name a few!

- Apple... #androidforever (although those pin drops are pretty nifty)

- Trying to be someone you're not... As your photographer, my biggest goal is to make sure you feel yourself and that shines in every photo!

- Not using enough butter. Butter makes everything better you guys, don't skimp on it.

I'm Jessica Lea, the mastermind behind the lens. I fell in love with photography via my love of Architecture. As a young child, I took a camera loaded with black and white film to the city of Savannah, GA to take photos of the beautiful historic buildings there. To this day, Savanna is still one of my favorite cities. I have Natalie Portman (Where the Heart Is) to thank for the realization that I could and should make photography my career! I fell in love with the vintage twin lens camera she used, and it's still part of my logo/brand identity today.

As for myself, Jacksonville, FL is where I call home, but I'm completely in love with Tampa, FL! I shoot there so often, I call it my second home base. I live with two, rotten to the core, Dachshunds, Jersey and Little Man. They are a truly interesting pair of housemates!
When I’m not working (AKA, taking photos, editing, and designing), you'll can find me binge watching Friends for the 900th time, flexing my creative muscle in the kitchen, shopping for shoes I surely don't "need", fixing up/joyriding in my Mustang GT (5 speed folks, don't play), and contemplating what in fact I'd like to have for dinner. Rinse and repeat.
That being said, I’m an easy-going gal that would be honored to capture your memories. So let’s head to Disney, take a trip out of town, grab greasy burgers in a diner, or hobnob it up over some fancy cupcakes (or doughnuts nom nom nom). Shoot me a message and let’s start planning your amazing adventure!

savannah georgia
charleston south carolina
vizcaya Gardens - miami
Cumberland Island

wedding Bucket List

If you're planning a wedding in any of these locations contact me for a special discount on your wedding Package! 

what to expect when working with me...

Specialties Include:
Leading the dance floor in the Wobble.
I strive to give each bride their own, award-winning epic image!
I am bride centered, from the moment the contract is signed. On the wedding day, it’s about keeping her calm and making sure I do everything I can to make the day fun and run smoothly.
I’m a full-service wedding photographer. Yes, that means everything from timeline to album, but it also means I’ll bustle your dress, tie your tie, grab you water, fix your makeup… happy, comfortable clients look better on camera. You can’t fake it, the camera sees all….

Dream clients are:
Couples with open personalities and an awesome sense of humor! (bonus points if we can speak in Friends or HIMYM quotes)
Wildly fun folks! I had a groom karaoke Africa at his wedding and now forever has my heart.
Passionate couples in love. Y’all are about to be making out in public, I need you to be good with PDA!
Brides with shoe obsessions, I don’t often wear heels but my goodness do I love them, the more color, bling, or glitter the better!

My quirks:
Fun colorful images for fun colorful people.
I will say ANYTHING to make you laugh, sometimes it just makes me laugh, which then makes you laugh, cause I have a laugh that makes people laugh.
I squeeeeeek, jump up and down, or drop an F* bomb when we create an amazing image.
Food, especially sweets, is my weakness. I have been bribed to stay longer at receptions for a really good cake #noshame