5 Unusual Tips from Your Wedding Day Beauty Pro

Everyone should have professional hair and makeup done for their Jacksonville wedding photography. If you don’t agree, hang tight, I’m sure she’ll eventually write something to convince you otherwise. However, this post isn’t necessarily the typical advice you’d get from a pro. Actually, this is probably the advice your friends want to give you, but don’t want to overstep. Read on for Zulmarie’s Wedding Day Beauty Tips! But first here are some images to familiarize you with Zulmarie’s Wedding Day work.

Teeth Whitening

1. Teeth whitening. Like your favorite sneaker brand likes to say… Just Do It! You’re going to be smiling a lot! I want your lipstick to pop & your eyes to sparkle! I’ve had brides just slip on a couple whitening strips while I do their hair & even just that little bit can do the trick. Of course, you can also do whitening at your dental office, but keep in mind cost, and it may take more time and planning than you have while already putting together what may be the most epic day of your life! Side note: I just bought super inexpensive, off brand whitening strips at the grocery store and they worked like a charm!


2. Facials. All the time I hear brides say they want to “glow” on their wedding day. Wedding day Makeup is only a good as the canvas it’s put on. Your artist can cover dark circles, hyper-pigmentation and rosacea, but there isn’t a ton we can do for texture. So, if you’re noticing that your skin isn’t as smooth as you’d like, pores are a little wider than normal, or you’re all broken out from the stress, I would advise setting up a series of facial treatments weeks or even months in advance. Talk to your local esthetician about what might be the right course of action for you. On the flip side, I wouldn’t recommend anything too extreme too soon to the wedding, ahem… resurfacing peels… maybe save those for after the honeymoon.


3. Waxing. Definitely do not wait until the last minute to get any facial waxing done. Going back to texture; waxing is an extreme exfoliant to the skin. In other words, the area that has been waxed will be super smooth and makeup will lay differently there in comparison to the rest of your face. Typically, I recommend about a week before your wedding day, no less than two days from the main event. If you’re the type to break out or have extreme redness after waxing this will give time for that to calm down as well. I know I’ve mentioned facial waxing here, but your lady bits might appreciate you following this advice as well.

Get a Haircut

4. Get a haircut. Obviously, this exact tip may not apply to everyone, but my point in saying this is that we don’t need you to be Rapunzel in order to give you a beautiful updo. Contrary to popular belief, we actually can make miracles happen. Chat with your wedding hairstylist or even your regular stylist to see what may be necessary. They may suggest extensions if you have finer hair or some layers in order to create texture and lift in your style. And sometimes your ends just need to go…

Use Pinterest…Realistically

5. Use PinterestRealistically. I LOVE Pinterest inspo pages! I use them all the time with my own brides. Visuals help everyone get on the same page and understand the overall vibe. Your idea of what natural makeup looks like may not be the same as mine. That’s ok! At the same token, please don’t show your artist a photo of Kim K & actually expect to look like Kim K. I know I said we can make miracles happen, but even Cinderella’s fairy godmother had her limits.

These aren’t necessarily the most important things to keep in mind when preparing for your Jacksonville wedding photography or other professional photo shoot, just some details that I feel are often overlooked when it comes to a wedding day beauty regimen. At the end of the day the most important thing is to communicate with your beauty pro. Ask them for their advice and what they would recommend. This industry teaches us a lot, so we all have a few tricks up our sleeves. When it’s all said and done, I just want every bride to look and feel like the most beautiful woman in the room!

Article provided for Jessica Lea Photography by Zulmarie lady boss/owner of Curl.Wink.Blush. (HMUA of all images in this post) If you’re still looking for your wedding day hair and makeup artist be sure to check out her website! Be sure to tell her you found her here!

Photographer: The Jessica Lea www.thejessicalea.com
Makeup Artist: Zulmarie www.curlwinkblush.com
Florist: Revelation Design revelation.design

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