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Lifestyle sessions have been a passion of mine for a long time. Photos, for me, have always been about the moments people share with me. My clients inspire me. Those moments and connections we share are my jam! That’s what I like to show in my work, happiness and real moments. I want to make a real connection with my clients, learn about them, laugh and be involved. I’m incredibly fortunate to have very loyal clients. There are few people in my client base that I’ve shot only once, and the Greathouse’s are no exception! I can’t wait to tell you the story of this afternoon spent with the Greathouse girls through both words and photos!

I think I’ve been photographing the Greathouse family since 2010 or maybe 2009. Elizabeth might know better than me. We’ve done Family Photos, Senior Photos and other Portraits Sessions together. Earlier this year I reached out to a handful of repeat clients and explained a session idea I had. I’ve wanted to incorporate more lifestyle work into my portfolio for years now. It started a while back with my friend Jenny’s maternity photos. She let me just do anything I wanted. I captured her eating her cravings, reading books to her kids, family time on the couch watching television. I completely fell in love with the images. They are still on my site today! Lifestyle images are very close to my heart, it’s the day to day stuff that makes up our lives, that’s what you remember when you’re grown. It’s also likely what you don’t have photos of. I’d love to have photos of my Grandma sitting in her chair, or being our butts at rummy! Those are the things I remember most fondly and wish I had an album of!

Today I met up Elizabeth, Madelyn and Caroline after school and work, to capture what’s deemed to be a boring afternoon! Madelyn had been at the Science Fair all day, Elizabeth at work (she’s a nurse as you’ll see) and Caroline at school. The girls lead “boring lives” so they said but I thought the family dynamic was perfect!


Madelyn apparently washes dishes when she’s nervous… SO, I’m having her move in next week!

Family Time - Doing Dishes

Family Time - Doing Dishes

Caroline, I love this kid… and she hates to take photos!!! You should have seen me screaming into the wind, on the beach, for her Senior Session!!!

Teenagers After School

I learned something new about my long time clients today, as they shared with me their struggles & triumphs. Both girls are doing super well in school!  Caroline, who’s graduating this year is in the running for Salutatorian!  Madelyn, was pretty sure she would place pretty high at the science fair! These girls are smart cookies! Also, Caroline eats ice almost non stop! So much so that she has her very own counter top ice maker!! Hey, at least she’s staying hydrated!


Teenager After School

I very much enjoyed my session time today! There are a lot more moments to share, from Mother and Daughter conversations to their dogs demanding attention and play toys! I’ll let the images tell you the rest!

Mom Feeding The Dog

mom and daughter talking

Teenager After School

Family Pet

Family Pet

mom and daughter talking

Family Dog

mom and daughter laughing

After work snack

Mom after work

dog playing

Dog waiting on ball

girl with dog

Mom after work

teenager talking

Dogs playing

Family Lifestyle Session_7498


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