Bridget & David’s Washington Oaks Engagement Session | Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

I have had the pleasure of knowing Bridget for years now. What started as my love for the food of her work place grew into a sweet acquaintanceship and now, I get to shoot her wedding! I’m so very thrilled that Bridget and David chose me as their Wedding photographer. And I love how in love these two are, it’s written all over their faces! These engagement photos couldn’t be more perfect! This past weekend we made a quick trip down to Washington Oaks state park. This place is so beautiful! Every corner of the park is picturesque!

Bridget and I are in the same industry, the wedding industry. As we walked through the park taking photos we talked a little shop. You can’t really help it when it’s what you do. Oh the stories we could tell! I’m not sure if you can tell here, but David is a jokster! He makes almost as many faces as I do! ALMOST! He’s such a sweet heart and going to be fun to work with on the wedding day. I can tell, this one is going to be a fun one!

I can’t hardly wait for their wedding at One Ocean this summer, we are going to have a blast!

couple in love in the park

couple in love walking in the park

couple in love at the wishing well

couple kissing on rocks

couple sitting on rocks

couple dancing in the street

Side Note:

There was a wedding at Washington Oaks this weekend while we were there shooting the engagement photos. We worked around it very well, but don’t forget you can get married at any of our beautiful parks! It’s a simple permitting process through the city or county. Of course costs will need to include chair rentals and catering but the backdrops can’t be beat!

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