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At just 8 days old, Baby Noah, stole my heart. It helps that I’m also one of his “Aunts” but I digress. This February baby is adorable. Newborn sessions are typically done with in the first 10 days, so we got lucky. The date we had set up originally was gloomy not allowing any window light, so I came back the next day and everything was perfect. Once this little angel fell asleep that is. I assure you my words in this post will do no justice, and provide no entertainment like those of Noah’s Mom, so I’ll let her tell the rest of the story.

These answers came directly from the questionnaire I send after the session:

  1. What was the first thing you thought when you saw your baby for the first time? Holy crap he is finally here! I can’t believe we did it! *starts crying*
  2. What was your favorite part about our session together? How he looked like a little angel cherub baby sleeping on a cloud
  3. How did you prepare the baby for our photo shoot? Well, I tried to nurse him beforehand so he would go to sleep and be easy to position…but he was too interested in hanging out with you to sleep…so it took a bit of effort to finally get him to snooze (to my defense, babies like me, I can’t help it… they just like me)
  4. How was your experience having your newborn photographed? Were you nervous or worried before? How did it turn out? I wasn’t nervous beforehand because I really thought he was going to go to sleep like he usually does. As it turned out he had other plans, so I started to worry he might never fall asleep! (At least not while we still had light) Thankfully you were able to get him to pass out after some snuggles, so it all turned out great
  5. Did you bring a sentimental item to our shoot? If so, what was it and please share why it’s such a special item for you. I had our “Happy Forever” pillow in the background on my bed. Which I bought when we were wedding planning…and then it seemed to take on a whole new meaning once we became a family of 3

special forever pillow with newborn  sleeping baby  newborn laying on hands  sleeping newborn  sleeping newborn  smiling newborn

The one answer I love most from new moms who’ve had a newborn session done

What would be your advice to someone getting newborn photographs taken? Make sure to keep the room warm, but not too warm that you melt the photographer. Don’t kid yourself that you can make the baby sleep on cue, just trust they will fall asleep if you stay patient. If you don’t want to be peed and/or pooped on, keep the diaper! But naked baby butt is pretty adorable, so if you can, go for it!

Lastly, one last bit of humor to close

We have a cat daughter, Khloe and a dog daughter, Charlie. Charlie was very curious about the baby right away and has gotten more protective, barking at the door and looking at me like “Help him!” anytime the baby makes a peep. She seems to have transitioned to her middle child position well. Khloe on the other hand is not ready to move out of the spotlight and often times when I have the baby in one arm, she will scoot in for cuddles on my other arm…so I feel like I have twins!

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