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Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down. Well, almost. See, I’ve known most of the members of the Ward family for almost half my life now! It all started working at a doctors office way back in 2004! This is a big family too, 6 sisters, one brother. So, when the youngest of the bunch Caydee told me about her destination wedding in Key West (which is a place I hadn’t been to before) I knew it was written in the stars for me to be her wedding photographer. After all her sister Caressa was my first guinea pig, I mean first session. Back when I didn’t know what on earth I was doing with a camera, she let me do a little mini shoot of her and her daughter Chloe for practice!

OK enough reminiscing onto the good stuff!

Caydee and John were married at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. Ladies and Gentlemen, this park is beautiful! It makes an amazing backdrop for a wedding, complete with a view of the sunset, in a way you can only see it in Key West! As you know, I’ve photographed on another tropical island many times. Key West, took my breath away. The water, skies and sunset are so amazing. I’m ready to go back right now!

The Dress

Recently Heather (my long time, amazing partner in crime) and I were talking about Wedding dresses… among the topics were having the proper under pinnings. Ladies, the gals in the 50ies didn’t really have those waste lines. Those amazing fashions were all due to undergarments! Anywho, this is a soapbox for another post. Caydee’s getting ready area was very simple, leaving us to break out the big guns for an interesting dress shot.

The dress is perfectly light for a beach wedding, and simply stunning with all the lace detail.

dress shot

The Wedding

I had never been to Key West so I had no idea how crazy beautiful the place was. I’ve heard about it from my cousin and his family who try to go once a year, but I figured a beach is the beach. Hey, I’ve been to the Bahamas, that’s pretty much the same, right? Wrong! The Keys are quite magical, if I’m being honest. The perfect place for a tropical destination wedding, in the states! Caydee’s wedding was simple. Colorful, beautiful and meaningful. Caydee and John were married on the same date as her parents who would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary that day. As Caydee’s mom gave her away and spoke to John about this meaningful date, there wasn’t a dry eye on the beach. Mine included.

We were picked up by trolley (first time for everything) and escorted through one of Key West’s main streets. Duval Street, hey you can’t make this stuff up. Passers by cheered for the bride as the bridal party and wedding guests sang their own rendition of “Going to the Chapel”

Party People on the street wishing bride and groom well in key west

mother and bride fort zachary taylor state park key west

wedding fort zachary taylor state park key west

The bridal Party

As mentioned, I’ve known most of these folks for a while. Caydee, God bless her, got married 1hr before sunset, in the golden hour. YAY! But the park closed at 7:46 sharp, as soon as that sun dipped down below the water, we were to be finished with photos! FINISHED! I’ve never done wedding party, bridal, groomsmen and bridesmaids photos so fast in my career!

brides maids fort zachary taylor state park wedding key west

groomsmen fort zachary taylor state park key west wedding

bridal party fort zachary taylor state park wedding

The good Stuff

Here you go, the shots you’ve been waiting for. The bride and groom, on the beach, in Key West, at sunset!

bride and groom walking on the beach fort zachary taylor state park wedding

bride and groom romantic embrace fort zachary taylor state park wedding

bride and groom kiss fort zachary state park wedding

bride on the beach fort zachary taylor state park wedding

ring shot fort zachary taylor state park wedding

groom on beach fort zachary state park wedding key west

For a little extra bonus

Some super fun shots around Key West at night! Including the famous (and giant) Sailor kissing The Nurse!

bride and groom destination wedding key west

bride and groom remake sailor kissing nurse photo in key west destination wedding

bride and groom kissing key west destination wedding


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