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Ah, the Pitcock family… where do I begin?!

Eileen, wife/mom/organizer/wine tasting extraordinaire (her own words) booked a maternity & newborn package a little over a year ago. We spoke often, session planning, exchanging ideas, etc. etc… THEN at the newborn session she tells me they are moving to New York?!?! I immediately felt abandoned, and told her so! Low and behold, life landed them back in North East Florida, this time for good, and back in front of my camera for Mack’s 1st Birthday Photos. Check out this adorable family session at the beach


Although this session was shot in December, Eileen chose neutral colors (and yes- they are in shorts and tank tops, this is Florida!!)  She was strategic about this choice; colors and casual outfits that she doesn’t mind seeing on her walls year round. Hint: This is great advice for when you’re updating your family photos! The biggest concern with the photos for her was her hair, because of the lovely Florida humidity. This is something I totally get…my hair has a tendency to poof and I’ve had a bad experience where a photographer didn’t say anything. When I saw the pictures, I was disappointed with how wild my hair looked! Needless to say, you won’t have to worry about this if I’m you’re photographer; I’ll let you know when your hair starts to get a little cray!

As I mentioned earlier, I had the privilege of meeting this lovely family while Eileen was pregnant with Mack. So this beach session wasn’t our first session together. When I have clients fill out some form of questionnaire for their blog feature, I often learn something unique about you I didn’t know before! Here’s a little excerpt from Eileen’s questionnaire that made me smile:

Q: Tell me about your favorite parts of our session, or why you enjoyed the session. Which one?!

A: “I think my favorite thing about our newborn session was how you so confidently and naturally handled our brand new baby, I secretly wanted to keep you at our house forever… for Mack’s 1 year/family session I loved how we were grossly late for our scheduled time and the pictures turned our phenomenally anyway.”

There is a story here! Apparently, there are a couple of areas named very similarly at this particular beach. Eileen and Kyle (husband/dad, pretends to hate photo sessions and turns into a total ham/director once the camera is on) were at one location. I…was at another. By the time we managed to figure out who was where and where to go, the sun was almost set! Talk about a blessing in disguise: the photos turned out absolutely stunning!! (Thank you time change!)

Family photos on the beach

mother and son on the beach

father and son on the beach

cute baby on the beach

Family photos on the beach family walking on the beach

cute baby on the beach

family beach sunset photos

family beach sunset photos

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